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How much does it cost to cheer or play football with Dayton Pop Warner (DPW)?
  • 2024 Registration fees are $265 per player for Football.
  • Financial Scholarships may be available upon request, they will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed to be granted. 
  • 2024 Registrations fee for Cheer is $390 (package price) per player this includes Registration and Spirit Pack. 
Does Dayton Pop Warner offer payment plans for registration fees? 
  • Yes. Four equal payments of the total due at checkout with the 1st upfront payment being one of the four. Payments will be pulled out of your account listed on file on the 5th of each month until paid off. 
What Items do I need for registration? 
What division should my athlete play football on?
There are currently 5 teams (6u, 8u, 10u, 12u, and 14u) in tackle football (barring sign-ups), all determined by a strict age scale to ensure safe and balanced competition.  Click here for more details. 
What division should my athlete cheer on? 
There are currently 4 teams (Ruby, Dream, Diamond, and Platinum) in cheer (barring sign-ups), all determined by a strict age scale to ensure safe and balanced competition. Click here for more details.
Are tryouts allowed?
No tryouts. Pop Warner programs are not permitted to hold tryouts or cutting of rosters. 
How many players will be on my athlete's football team?
Not more than 35 players shall be certified onto a team roster. A minimum of 14 players must be dressed and eligible to start each game. 
How will I know what team my athlete is on?
Head coaches or Team Parents will contact their teams in mid to late July. 
What is a Team Parent of a Team?
The Team Parent is the liaison between the coaching staff and parents. 
What football equipment will be supplied by Dayton Pop Warner?
We are committed to furnishing your athlete with cutting-edge football protective technologies.
The subsequent enumeration outlines the items that your athlete will receive from our program, consulting the essential components of the mandatory equipment:
  • Practice Jersey 
  • Game Pants
  • Game Jersey (player will keep at the end of the season)
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Helmet and Chin Strap
  • Mouth Guard (player will keep at the end of the season)
What football equipment will I need to buy?
Parents will be responsible for the following items:
  • 7 padded Girdle (Coverage at hips, tailbone, thighs, and knees). Click here for an example of what one looks like.  
  • Athletic cup (not required at parents' discretion)
  • Football Cleats
    • Note: Metal Cleats are not allowed.
  • Any other specialty equipment at parents' discretion 
    • Ex: Towels, additional mouthguards, CLEAR face shield for helmet, gloves, water containers, etc. 
Where will practices be held?
Depending on what team your athlete is placed on, practices will be held at local parks, Dayton Intermediate School, and Dayton High School. 
When do practices begin and how long are they?
Pre-season training sessions will commence no earlier than August 1st, with the precise start date subject to the discretion of the President of the Dayton Pop Warner League. This determination will be based on climatic considerations and other pertinent factors aimed at establishing a uniform starting point for all league teams. Before Labor Day, teams are restricted to a maximum of 10 practice hours per week, while post-Labor Day sessions are capped at 6 hours weekly. Adequate water breaks will be provided as necessary during practices. Additionally, the use of full pads during football practice is contingent upon each player completing a minimum of 10 hours of personal conditioning.
What happens if my child misses a practice or all practices during the week before a game?
Please inform your Team Parent promptly upon determining that your athlete will be absent from practice. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the absence, the Coach reserves the right to limit the athlete's participation to minimum plays. If the absence is due to injury, a doctor's note will be required to authorize the athlete's participation.
Will my athlete get to play the position(s) they want to?
Player placement is determined by the Coach, taking into account factors such as player attitude, skill level, ability, and safety considerations.
Is there training for the football coaches?
Ensuring the safety of our athletes remains our utmost priority, which is why we place great emphasis on comprehensive training for all football coaches affiliated with Dayton Pop Warner. Through our partnership with USA Football and its Heads-Up Football program, our collective aim is to certify all Pop Warner coaches in proper blocking and tackling techniques, promoting a safer playing environment.
All coaches within the Dayton Pop Warner organization, including head coaches and assistants, are required to enroll in the USA Football Coach Membership and complete the annual USA Football Level 1 Coach Certification Course. New coaches undergo the full Level 1 Course, while previously certified coaches are subject to the Re-certification Quiz. This commitment underscores Pop Warner's enduring dedication to participant safety.
Collaborating with USA Football's Heads-Up Football program represents our latest initiative to advance a safer football experience for all our Pop Warner players.
Is there training for the cheer coaches?

Ensuring the safety of our athletes remains our foremost concern, which is why we offer comprehensive training for all our cheer coaches. Both head coaches and assistants are required to complete the YCADA Cheer Coach training every two years. This commitment underscores Pop Warner's unwavering dedication to participant safety.

Collaborating with the Youth Cheer and Dance Alliance represents our latest effort to enhance safety measures for all our Pop Warner cheer and dance teams.

What teams do Dayton Pop Warner teams play and where?
All teams will exclusively compete against other teams within their designated division within Sagebrush Pop Warner. It is strictly prohibited for a team to engage in a match against a team from a different division. Home games are scheduled to be held at Dayton High School.
How long is the Football season?

The seasonal games extend through the conclusion of October, with playoffs commencing right after. Note: Every Team goes to play-offs except for 6U and the top two teams within their age division attend the Snow Bowl Local Championship which is the first weekend in November. Typically, the entire season concludes before the Thanksgiving holiday.

How long is the Cheer season?
After Football Season Games, Cheer works towards Locals, Regionals, and Nationals. Typically, the Cheer season doesn't end until the end of January the next year. 
How much play time will my athlete get?
We follow the Mandatory Play Rule set in place by the National Pop Warner Program. Click here.
Will there be any fundraising responsibilities for our league?
Yes. Dayton Pop Warner engages in association fundraising initiatives aimed at offsetting the operational costs of our organization, which exceed the registration fees per athlete. Our objective is to maintain registration fees at a minimum, necessitating fundraising activities to secure additional funds. The proceeds from our fundraising endeavors and generous contributions enable us to subsidize the remaining expenses. We encourage every family to actively participate in fundraising efforts. Additionally, we request the support of all coaching staff, parents, and board members in endorsing and assisting with fundraising activities. As only a portion of the registration fees covers the operational expenses of our association.
Are there team volunteer positions needed and do all parents need to volunteer for their team/s?
Yes. Each player's family will be obligated to contribute their assistance during at least three games. This may include fulfilling roles such as MPR duties for one game, assisting at the Snack Shack for one game, serving on the Chain Crew for one game, or any combination of these responsibilities. Your team's designated Team Mom will establish a system for organizing and filling the volunteer positions for your team. Each family needs to be prepared to fulfill their assigned responsibilities. 
Who do I contact if I want to get more involved and become a league volunteer for the league?
Individuals interested in volunteering for the league must first complete and submit a volunteer application. Before assuming any volunteer duties, all applicants are subject to annual background checks. We strictly prohibit participation in any capacity by individuals whose background checks reveal convictions for, or guilty pleas to, any crimes involving or against minors. Furthermore, other charges and convictions may also render an applicant ineligible to volunteer with us. Click here to find the Volunteering Application under print-friendly documents. 
Does Dayton Pop Warner offer refunds?

Refunds for registration fees are not granted except in cases of extenuating circumstances. A written request outlining the circumstances is necessary for consideration. The Board of Directors will evaluate the request, and upon approval, a refund check will be mailed to the address provided on the registration form. Please note that a processing fee of $50 will be applied. Refunds will not be issued after the first scheduled day of Board-approved practice. Additionally, refunds will only be processed once all equipment and uniforms have been returned to the association.

Who do I contact if I have an issue with my player's equipment?
Head Coach and/or the Equipment Manager
Who do I contact if my athlete will miss a practice game?
Head Coach and/or Team Parent
Who do I contact if I have an issue with my athlete's Team Parent?
Head Coach
Who I contact if I have an issue with on my athlete's Coaches?
Head Coach
Who do I contact if I have an issue with my athlete's Head Coach?
Football Director or Cheer Director
Who do I contact if I have an issue with a Dayton Pop Warner board member?